Introducing Varilux XR Trac Lens

Elevating Vision Precision: Varilux XR Trac LensEvery now and then, as eye-care providers, we get really excited about some fantastic developments in the field of eye care. The Varilux XR Trac Lens for presbyopia is one of those remarkable innovations that’s changing the way we experience the world through our eyes.Understanding Progressive Lenses:Progressive lenses are …

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About La Porte Vision Center

Since 1982, La Porte Vision Center has put the vision and well-being of you and your family first while being a leading provider of vision care for the community. Our team is dedicated to building meaningful and long-lasting relationships with our patients. We are a family focused practice with over 40 years of experience in …

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What is Myopia?

      If you didn’t already know, myopia is just a fancy word for nearsightedness- a very common vision ailment that is usually diagnosed in children. As you can imagine, myopia affects your ability to see objects far away that is corrected through the use of glasses or contact lenses. If your little one …

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What is Optilight by Lumenis?

Dry eye presents many inconveniences. Featuring a 10-minute procedure performed four times just 2-4 weeks apart, OptiLight by Lumenis® manages and improves your dry eye disease, reducing the need for drops, as well as saving you time and energy. For a bright solution to dry eye, visit or call our office today.